Just Don’t Search For Your Own Google Ads

by | May 16, 2023

Are You Searching For Your Own Ad? Here’s Why You Should Steer Clear of Searching for OR Clicking Your Ad on Google!

After setting up an impressive ad campaign, one of the first temptations you may have is to begin searching for your own ad immediately.

As harmless as this may seem, it is in fact one of the last things you should be doing.

Searching and clicking your own ad can have a negative impact on your campaign results, skewing insights and ultimately costing your business money.

We’ve put together a list of the reasons why you shouldn’t be searching for your own ad, and you certainly shouldn’t be clicking your own ad.

Instead, you can use the ad preview and diagnosis tool.

Clicking your own ads wastes your money

This is a huge reason why you shouldn’t be searching for and clicking on your own ads. PPC ads use a pay-per-click model – meaning you’ll be charged for every time someone clicks on it, including yourself!

Google will also record how long each user stays on the ad and whether they convert or not. So if you click on your own ad but then leave immediately after, it’s logged as a bounce – which can damage your quality score.

This will make it more expensive to display ads and they’ll show less often – resulting in lower click-through rate, traffic & conversions.

Searching for your own ad can impact daily budget restrictions

You might think it’s OK to search for your own ad without actually clicking it – unfortunately, this is still bad news too!

Generally, when setting up ad campaigns, people opt for standard delivery settings so that Google spreads out their daily budget throughout the day.

But if you’re searching for the same ad multiple times in the morning then people searching relevant keywords might miss out seeing it due to the budget being saved back till later in the day.

On the other hand, accelerated delivery will mean that Google spends most of the daily budget early on & default delivery could rob another potential customer from seeing what you’re selling.

Searching can negatively affect your data

Another reason why you shouldn’t be searching for and clicking your own ads is because of its effect on data – specifically impressions.

Frequently searching can inflate impressions and may distort campaign data and unfairly harm your Quality Score.

Google could notice the lack of actual clicks despite seeing them multiple times (especially yours!).

As a result, this can contribute to a low click-through rate (CTR), which affects the Quality Score, which, in turn, has a knock-on effect.

Inaccurate data + low Quality Score means fewer chances of displaying ads & having real customers see what you’re offering!

Searching for your own ad can cause your click-through rate to decline.

As I said earlier, if you keep looking for your ad but don’t click it, Google thinks it’s not for you and takes it down.

This messes up your data and lowers your quality score, plus your click-through rate takes a hit.

When your click-through rate is high, you pay less per click, but if it goes down, you could end up paying more.

Your ad won’t always show

Even the best PPC campaign won’t always display your ad when you search for it, due to multiple factors (time, day, device, etc.).

Additionally, repeatedly searching for and clicking your own ad might result in Google blocking your IP for malicious activity.

The RIGHT method to view your ads

To check ads in a secure environment without affecting campaign results, use Google’s Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool. This tool lets you search your keyword and preview your ad on Google’s search results page. It also shows which ads are eligible to appear and allows you to diagnose why an ad may not be displayed.

Although it may be tempting to search for your own ad, doing so could damage your campaign by overspending the budget, skewing the data, and decreasing the quality score.

It’s best to rely on the Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool to review and preview your ads.

At Clixx Win, we are experts in PPC campaigns and help your business get the best out of your Google Ads. To find out more, get in touch today!

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