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SUBJECT: Getting Started on your Google Ads Campaign (Save This Email)

Hey _name_,

Great to have you on board!

To get started, please:


  • Provide me the customer ID of your Google Ads account so I can send an access request (Instruction)
  • We use Google Drive to store all files related to your campaign. I’ve created your folder and granted you access. Let me know other email addresses that will need access as well.


  • In your Google Drive Folder, there’s a document called “Onboarding Questions”. These questions help us get the ball rolling or your campaign. Please answer them and send me a note when done.
  • After you complete the questionnaire, we’d like to set up a kickoff call with your team to review everything. Please schedule for [TIME_AND_DATE] if possible. You can use the link below to schedule a time on our team’s calendar:


It will be great if you can share any relevant creatives and marketing materials we could use for the ad campaigns:

  • Company Logos
  • Promotional media (images, videos, text)
  • Email list
  • Customer persona
  • Customer testimonials


There will be a number of people working on your campaign on my team. Here’s their contract info for future reference:

If you have any questions or need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.

Thanks and regards,