Are new leads still flowing into your business?

Or are they leaking to your competitors..

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It all begins with a Click.

The journey to acquiring and nurturing a happy customer is not a linear process.

It begins with a simple click – an intentional action taken on an ad, a social media post, or an email. This action sets in motion events that hopefully will lead us to win business, but it won’t be a straight road!

Imagine, as your potential clients search for a solution to their problem, they come across your ad. Its compelling message and value proposition intrigue them.

They click; this click leads them to a landing page where you offer solutions tailored to how you can help solve their problem. Here, you collect their contact information and provide valuable information.

Over time, we hope they transition from being a casual visitor to prospective lead, engaged and eager to explore further…but your competitors are also looking for those same prospects.

On the way to becoming your customer, they get side-tracked, distracted and diverted. They click on multiple Ads, read more content and get more information than they possibly need and now they are on another path.

Introducing Clixx Win, the expert on your side with a singular goal – to help you attract, win and retain your customers.

In an increasingly noisy and complicated world of online opportunities, we’ll help you determine what’s right for you and your business.


How Can We help You ?

The key to success lies with a clear understanding of where your business stands NOW.

There are four starting positions that we commonly encounter:

1. No Marketing Presence Yet:

Some businesses are just starting, and they lack any substantial online marketing presence. This leaves them virtually invisible in the digital landscape, making it challenging to reach potential customers.

2. Have Some Degree of Online Presence But Not Sure if It’s Working:

Others may have taken initial steps into the online world but are uncertain about the effectiveness of their efforts. They might have a website or social media profiles, but they’re not sure if these are actually driving business growth.

3. Actively Using Ads and Social Media, but Little to Show:

Many businesses are actively investing in advertising and maintaining a social media presence. However, despite their efforts, they see little tangible return on investment, struggling to convert leads into customers.

4. Winning Business But Struggling to Retain:

Some businesses are successful in acquiring new customers but find it challenging to retain them over the long term. Customer churn and attrition become significant obstacles to sustainable growth.

If you find your business in one of these positions, don’t worry. We can help!

Our agency specialises in tailoring strategies to address each of these scenarios. We work collaboratively with you to build a strong marketing foundation, assess the effectiveness of your current efforts, optimize your online presence, and implement retention strategies that yield results.

It’s about recognizing the roadblocks and obstacles that may lie ahead and having a partner who knows how to navigate them effectively.



Let’s Start the Conversation 

Book a Call Today

If you would like to get an idea of how we can help you, or just ask some questions, let’s jump on a short call!

Just pick a date and time that suits you.

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People we’ve helped


I have worked with John on various projects for about 8 years now and he has always manage to exceed our expectations and produce fantastic results. I judge the work he does by how it reflects on my bank balance and any money I’ve spent with John has always come back tenfold over. I will continue to work with John for many more years. To be honest I can’t afford not to. John is a vital part of earning the income I need to earn.

wayne brooks

Wayne Brooks

Jet Board Ltd


Industrial Abseiling Company


6 Months Google Ads Campaign


£ 120k Work Value Generated


Ad Spend £ 4,000 per month


Featured on BBC TV

How We Work


It all starts with getting to understand you and your business.

We’ll have a short chat and cover some basics to determine if we’re a good fit for each other.


If we are, then that’s great and we’ll outline a proposal.

We’ll agree on our expectations so there’s no surprises moving forward


We begin our onboarding process, to make sure we have everything we need in place to fulfil our promise to you.

Then we make the magic happen!



As one of the leading Fitness Marketing Agencies in the UK in a very competitive area, it’s imperative that we know exactly how our Ad Budget is being spent and where the results are coming from.

John implemented a complete tracking system to identify and measure the outcomes of our efforts and continues to find creative opportunities for us to grow in challenging times.


Ben Davis

Fitness Marketing Agency


I’ve worked with John for many years and am impressed by his technical knowledge in creating WordPress websites and running Google Ads campaigns.

He is highly skilled at setting up conversion tracking so that clients can see the real value of the campaigns he manages, and poorly performing accounts he takes on show vast improvements.

John is also pragmatic and enthusiastic, and supports all his clients to the very full. Anyone requiring a new or updated website, or to have Google Ad campaigns that really work, could do no better than contacting John.

michelle collins

Michelle Collins

Full Potential Digital Marketing


At Freshmill we have launched a new Serviced office and co-working space in Haywards Heath. We have been working with John to spread awareness of our business in the local area and ultimately attract new customers.

Having wasted money on google adwords campaigns in the past, John has guided us to make sure we get most from our budget and set up the relevant reporting to measure how effective our campaigns are.

John’s easy going style makes it very easy to work with him and his business experience means he can provide valuable insight and tangible feedback.

We would recommend without reservation, John’s services to any business seeking new customers via google adword campaigns.

chris daines

Chris Daines

Freshmill Ltd